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Rentals and Freeride

    Full gear from €70 Per Person

    Rent from Duotone

    There is nothing worse than travelling all this way, eager to get on the water and only to realise that you forgot some of your gear at home, or the kite you brought isn’t suitable for the wind conditions. Maybe,you just completed your course, everything is still fresh in your mind and want to get those extra hours of practice on the water. Or maybe you found it too warm for the heavy wetsuit you brought with you, or you had a line break. Lots of maybes and things do happen!

    That’s why we have stocked a complete list of all the gear you need from different size kites, boards, wetsuits and harnesses.

    Our team will assist you at the center with all the right gear you need for any wind and weather condition. All you need to worry about is having fun!

    Rental Packages and Price Includes Rescue & Beach Service

    2 hours1-2 days
    (Per day)
    3-4 days
    (Per day)
    5+ days
    (Per day)
    Full set (kite+board + harness + wetsuit + vest) €70.00 €100.00 €85.00 €70.00
    Kite + board + harness €60.00 €80.00 €70.00 €60.00
    Kite + board €55.00 €70.00 €65.00 €60.00
    Kite €40.00 €55.00 €50.00 €45.00
    Board €25.00 €35.00 €30.00 €25.00
    Harness €10.00 €15.00 €10.00 €5.00
    Vest €10.00 €15.00 €10.00 €5.00
    Wetsuit €10.00 €15.00 €10.00 €5.00
    Foil Board €40.00 €55.00 €50.00 €45.00

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    The Boat

    Parked in the middle of crystal clear water, “The boat” has all you need.

    From drinking water and hot and cold beverages to lunch, fruits, chocolates, and toilets, as well as fresh water for a quick shower. There’s an open radio connection between the boat and the zodiacs, in case of anything you would need. Furthermore, professional first aid kit is available as well.

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    From Zero to Almost Hero

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    KITE Free Ride (Beach Use, Storage & 2 Rescue)

    From the Station: €15 per day €95 per week

    From The Spot €15 per day + boat transfer €7

    Extra Rescue €5