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The spot

    Daily Trips from €15 Per Person

    Flat water Playground

    To make your experience as memorable as possible we have a phenomenal spot in the middle of the water. Our big playground fits any number of people. It has the sand, shallow flat and deep water, and choppy water too if you are into that. 

    It is great for teaching as the knee deep water allows for extra safety and security without any obstacles around, and lots of space to learn and make mistakes. Our rescue crew has an eye always open our for you. Free riders love it too as it gives them the space to try out all their new tricks in comfort. 

    We offer a daily trip with a kite boat to our spot, 3 kms from the center, just the best duration for an enjoyable cup of coffee by the sea.

    Please ask at the reception for Kitesurfing at “The Spot” 

    Price includes:

    • Day trip to our gorgeous playground
    • Transfer by zodiac to and from our spot (platform/boat)

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    From Zero to Hero

    From Zero to Hero

    This course includes everything from the beginner Zero to Almost Hero course plus it focuses on water start, riding the first meters and riding comfortably upwind. Once you successfully finish this course, you are ready to starting train on your own without any assistance and try your first tricks. One thing to keep in mind is that different people learn at a different pace. So if you are a fast learner, you might be able to finish this course much faster and start doing your first tricks quicker.

    Rentals and Freeride

    Rentals and Freeride

    There is nothing worse than travelling all this way, eager to get on the water and only to realise that you forgot some of your gear at home, or the kite you brought isn’t suitable for the wind conditions. Maybe, you just completed your course, everything is still fresh in your mind and want to get those extra hours of practice on the water. Or maybe you found it too warm for the heavy wetsuit you brought with you, or you had a line break. Lots of maybes and things do happen!